Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cento of Attention

Diamonds are forever.  For the most famous and precious stone in the world, this fascinating natural wonder ceases to capture the world with its captivating beauty.  Renowned brand Roberto Coin introduces Cento--an enchanting diamond with 100 facets which is almost double from  nearly twice the facets from the traditional round brilliant cut. A masterpiece inspired the art of uniqueness, the creation's outstanding luster is exceptionally adored for its allure and rarity.  How can one resist distinct brilliance in 100 facets displaying a remarkable kaleidoscopic effect beyond the countless ordinary.  These fine pieces displays a unique floral pattern--an obra maestra as a result of the ability, experience and skill of the master cutter. 
Roberto Coin guides you to purchase the best diamonds and the “4 C’s” of Cento based on the code of classification of diamonds in 4 main parameters namely Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.  Cut --Diamonds are cut with utmost care, attention and passion within the high quality standards.  Color. --The perfect choice are only colorless and near colorless diamonds.  The more transparent and colorless, the more precious and rare.  Clarity -- the diamonds belong to the first levels of the clarity range: from FL (flawless) to SI (small inclusions, not visible to the naked eye). And lastly, Carat Weight  wherein the 100 facet cut is applied to all diamonds weighting from 0.07 carat and larger. The guaranteed value of a Cento diamond is that all weigh 0.25 carats and above, are accompanied by a certificate of quality graded by the Gemological Institute of America(GIA).  What sets Roberto Coin's mark of distinction is the exclusive signature ruby hidden on the inside of each masterpiece. Truly a cut above the rest.

White Gold Ring with Diamonds with Diamonds 1.04 CT Ruby 0.011 CT.

White Gold Ring with Diamond with Central Diamond 0.57 CT Ruby 0.02CT

Diamond Gold Ring with Diamonds with Diamonds 0.05CT Central Diamond 1.07 CT Ruby 0.02 CT
Roberto Coin is exclusively available at Rustan’s Silvervault in Makati, Shangri-la Plaza and Newport City.


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