Friday, July 15, 2011

Heavenly Bodies

After appearing on the billboards more than two weeks ago, Bench's recent sensational underwear ads featuring the most sought after athletes has exploded on the headline news with monumental proportions.  The awe-inspiring imagery call to mind iconic global campaigns such as Calvin Klein, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana and the likes taking local advertising scene to international standards.  One may probably recall or be familiar with something seen on the pages of Vogue, GQ, Details, Vman, Harper's Bazaar, Numero, W, Elle or as visuals displayed on the streets and show windows of department stores in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and even nearby HK, Singapore and Bangkok. The hottest and most sizzling to hit the Manila, the fearless and inspiring imagery marks another milestone in the Philippines as it promotes fitness, sports and health in a non-traditional and refreshing perspective. The shoot was a fusion of artistic and portrait-like execution which created a stir the moment the images were flashed all over the colossal Mandaluyong billboards. Evidently, the heavenly bodies are a sight to behold and caused more than just a commotion. 
Arnold Aninion and Darran Centillas Seeto.
Kenneth Capinpin Stern, Patrice Ortiz Olivier and Chris Alamil Everingham.
Jake Robrigado Letts.
Patrice Ortiz Olivier.
Ned Plarizan Stephenson.
Chris Alamil Everingham.
Michael de Guzman.
Francisco Bagis Guerra IV.
Terrence Javier Carrol.
Nicholas Ergina Perry.
Darran Centillas Seeto.
Arnold Aninion.
Oliver Joseph Abalos Saunders.

The lone Azkal bench endorser Aly Borromeo.
Either way and more importantly, one's personal reaction to these visual expositions remain subjective because anyone is entitled to their own opinion.  There are two sides of the coin but whether pro or con, we all fall back to the century old cliche "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". And whatever points of view, in a democratic and developing country such as the Philippines, lies one of the greatest values fought for through the passing of history which we should never forget--freedom of expression. 

All photos from Bench

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