Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Healthy options.

One saturday late afternoon, a good friend of mine Noel Manapat brought this author to a Korean restaurant called Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim and since then there's this urge to keep on coming back.  How can one resist good food? Located somewhere in the labyrinth near Rockwell center is this gastronomic heaven of Korean cuisine.  Don't expect it to be something fancy,the old house converted into a restaurant is very simple, laid back and has no pretense (yes and no air conditioning as well).  This author came back with his associates a week after and was so excited to introduce food made in heaven.  As soon as one makes an order, the first thing that comes to the table is an assortment of kimchi as appetizers--major yummy!!! One has to try the different types and levels of spice that comes with it.  Next was the uber delicious tofu soup filled with veggies and meat slices so perfect to get you into the mood to pig out. For our main course we ordered the highly recommended Samgyeopsal (translated as three "sam" layered "gyeop" meat "sal") which is basically pre-cut pork belly.  As soon as they half-cook the belly, you can do two things:  first is either wrap it in lettuce leaves and stuff it with grilled garlic and onions which you then dip into two condiments (one of them is sesame seed oil with salt and pepper).  Or secondly, you can skip the wrapping and go straight to dipping into the condiments and eat the meat with rice (though the first step is a little healthier).  Of course we ended up ordering another one plus the beef and lengua ( ox tongue) cuts as well. Everything served is fresh( or freshly cut) and cooked in front of you.  At the end of the meal this author was on a food coma and officially declared being hooked to Min Sok.  Tried going there on another time with a different group and the place was super packed so we decided eat somewhere else and come back soon.  Parking in the area can be a bit of a pain coz the place is always packed.  One important note to tell is make sure you don't have any plans of going somewhere else after Min Sok, if you do, then you might have to go home first and take a good shower.  Min Sok is located at 5655 Don Pedro St. Poblacion, Makati City.
Helping hands.
Veggie delight.
Center stage.
Can't get enough of kimchi.
Soup for the soul.
Perfect combination of porkloin, onions and garlic.
Spicy noodles with vinegar and mustard dressing.
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