Sunday, July 17, 2011

Linear Perspective

Symmetry decoded.
Up and coming fashion designer Noelle Llave has finally launched her Holiday 2011 accessory line with a premiere collection entitled "Geometric Symmetry".  A graduate of the School of Fashion and the Arts(SOFA), the artist introduces geometric inspired cuffs and neck pieces in colorful and neutral tones in soft leather.  Distinct in unfinished appeal, the beautiful and raw approach to design displays wonderful incantations of form.  Artistic equations creatively rationalize an interplay of lines and experimentation of proportions. Hints of brilliance are executed in inventive and cutout shapes that mold each object of art. Global, modern and chic, these trend spotting accessories is something Manila stylesetters shouldn't miss. Check out the previous entries on this talented and emerging designer who'll surely be the next one to watch. 

Arm candy.
Put it on the wrist.
Unfolding soon is Noelle Llave's design breakthrough.

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Photography and graphics by Fold Canela.

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