Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Yummy Trail

One of the best pleasures on can get from traveling to a new place is to try out the local cuisine.  The recent trip to Davao for the Style Origin series wasn't all about the show.  Half of the time was really hopping from one restaurant to another and checking out the best of what this province has to offer.  Driving through the city, one can't help but notice that there's just so many restaurants everywhere--from hole in the walls to the super restos.  The famous Torres Street shouldn't be missed--the area is filled with a variety of dining havens to satisfy any food craving. The author asked recommendations from close friends Pam Gonzales and Chef Tina Pamintuan where they serve the best food in town and the following are some of their recommendations:
The once hole in the wall Ahfat is now a colossal structure with four restaurants under its name known for their excellent Chinese seafood cuisine.
Kiss of the dragon.
From left to right:  Steamed Pampano(fish) in hoisin sauce, slipper lobster in garlic and shrimps in garlic and butter sauce.
Leche flan and mango float for dessert.
The legendary Harana on Torres street.
Lato(seaweed) salad.
The mouth watering barbeque spareribs is to die for.  Make sure to stay away from rice and just have the ribs.
Eat all you can crabs for such a reasonable price is a sensation.  Don't forget to bring your hand sanitizer.
The perfect afternoon delight place Swiss Deli is like Santis and Mikey's deli in Manila.
The wine cellar is always fully booked for intimate dining.
Can't seem to have enough of these sausage platters.
Cheese whiz.
Proscuitto and salami Milano anyone?
The best in Tuna is here.  The owners are exporters to Japan's Tsukiji Market.
Proof of the truth.
Sashimi that literally melts in your mouth.
Asparagus with garlic.
Shrimps ahoy.
The famous crispy "buntot ng tuna" is the best on the menu--you won't believe me but it unbelievably tastes like crispy pata.
Hot and Sour seafood soup is filled with the ocean's best.
Baked scallop in butter and garlic is orgasmic.
After three days of pigging out, the author completely forgot about watching his weight and realized that his clothes started to feel tight at the end of the trip.  A gastronomic adventure one shouldn't really miss out on doing while in Davao.  the food is reasonable and seafood is really good and fresh.  Definitely a place where you can go eating with no regrets.  And yes, the idea of getting food coma used to be a myth until this trip made it so possible.

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