Friday, May 27, 2011

Ethnic Chic

After three recent entries on wonderful Davao(Style Origin, SOUL and Yummy Trail), this last entry is something every woman would love-shopping.  If you're looking for something more interesting than the countless retail brands available in the mall, check out the most interesting cluster of malls where shopping is paradise-Aldevinco Shopping Center.  Located in the heart of Davao city, this unique cluster of stalls is filled with batik made products, artifacts, antiques, sarong, malong, jewelry(pearls are abundant in all colors), bags, shoes--name it they have it.  The establishment  that has been around for more than 40 years is filled with a variety of handicrafts all proudly made in Davao and nearby provinces.  Boasting in rich culture and heritage, you can't help but marvel and spot on the one-of-a kind pieces around you that somehow tells a story. Who would have thought that this empty lot founded by Conrado Alcantara and his wife would become Aldevinco(it's old name)--now one of the famous landmarks of the city. A shoppers paradise where one can find an assortment of souvenirs for the perfect "pasalubong" to bring back home.  If you're planning a trip there to shop, don't forget that it's best to learn how to haggle well before going so you can get the best of your money's worth. Definitely a must-go with lots of must-haves, Aldevinco Shopping Center is more than just your ordinary tourist attraction.

Stalls of interesting finds.
Warrior breastplate.
Bags of all shapes, sizes and prints are plenty.
Choice pickings.  These bags are so cheap they can go from 250-500 pesos max.
My favorite fashion find are these uber comfortable drawstring patchwork pants 
channeling Etro and Missoni  which you can get for only 550 pesos.
Aldevinco Shopping Center is located at corner Claro M. Recto and Roxas Avenue, Davao city beside Marco Polo hotel. Telephone No. (082) 227-9609Fax No. (082) 226-4715.

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  1. I seriously want those bags!