Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sunday brunch with good friends is always a treat.  It's the best time to catch up and have a good time talking about anything and everything. We were supposed to eat at a new Mexican restaurant but ended up in Chuck's Deli at Serendra, The Fort. Been hearing about this new deli from a lot of people and remembered we were supposed to try this out last Good Friday, but unfortunately it was closed.  Today seemed to be the perfect time to finally try this place that's highly recommended.  True enough, the food exceeded beyond my heart's( or stomach perhaps) content.  The Reuben sandwich (one of their bestsellers) was fantastic and was overstuffed with roast beef which the author perfectly matched with a side dish of German potato salad.  No mayo, no spice or whatever condiment you choose to put on or not, just tell them, they'll gladly do it.  The onion rings was excellent and didn't taste too starchy compared to other establishments where you could barely taste the onion. And to top it all off, for dessert was the super yummy Arce vanilla pinipig crunch and the delightfully sinful avocado milkshake. The food was so good this author could literally stay there forever? Can't wait to come back and try the other bestsellers--a must-try for all the foodies out there. CIAO!

What do you mean no mayo?
Counter strike.
Good review.
Guilt free indulgence.
German potato salad.
Jessica's Meltdown is all about superb tuna.
Go oriental with the Flaking Duck.
The famed Reuben.
The Philly Cheese Steak is a major hearty delight.
Not so focused rings.
Grabbed this photo from Kat, Queso Real milkshake.
Yes, less than 5 minutes is possible.
Sweet death.
So loving this lighting fixture.
Inside out.
The Sunday bunch (from left to right)  The author, Max Factor Chief Makeup artist Bobby Carlos, Philippine
Star columnist/ EXPAT EIC Katrina Holigores and fashion designer Louis Claparols.
Chuck's Deli is located at Serendra, The Fort beside Echostore.

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