Monday, May 30, 2011

Western Flair

Welcome to the wild wild west where a new mood of dressing begins.  The latest in Marlboro Classics are riding high in contemporary denims, khakis, checks and a whole range of contemporary neutrals.  Chic denim comes in a variety of shades, washes and treatments giving jeans fashion a totally new spin. Mix and matching bright plaids with neutrals is reinventing the cowboy/countryside feel with color.   Wonder how the look of layers can spare you from the heat and give you that up to date chic flair? Modern styling through layering is cool in this weather as seen in softer and more season appropriate fabrics such as cotton and linen.  More reason to dress up in laid back style if you're having a quick trip to the farm or simply having a picnic.  Understated is the key in this era of effortless dressing and in these times, this is how the west is won.


In the Philippines, Marlboro Classics is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists Inc.

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