Saturday, May 14, 2011

Master of the Univers

Far far away beyond the stars is a world unknown. Hundreds of galaxies co exist in the vastness of space where probably thousands of planets live within a concept of time. Like heavenly bodies, fashion is a fusion of countless worlds living in one platform of existence. Where styles are born and reborn to take shape of any form and breathe life into one's individuality--this is what you call personal style. A creation deeply rooted in influences of sorts,they become a mirror of who we are. After all, you are what you wear.
The Manila fashion retail scene, like the galaxies out there are ever-evolving.  Global brands both new and old shine just like stars and they nestle among the millions of heavenly bodies.  Just recently, a new world was borne right at the epicenter of style--UNIVERS.  From the renowned group of Homme et Femme (responsible for bringing global brands such as Balenciaga, Celine, Lanvin, Comme de Garcon, Marni etc. to the Philippines), the luxurious haven is a breakthrough in contemporary retail store design wherein the fusion of fashion and art is exemplified. Designed by no less than renowned master artist Ed Calma, the outstanding interiors display a cerebral and well thought of concept of space.  UNIVERS is a global retail concept setting the new standard of the shape of things to come.  The artful play of high ceilings, modern lighting, glass panels and fixtures are unparalleled in the local scene making it the first of its kind in the Philippines.
Enter the UNIVERS and one is welcomed by a glass counter filled with the most alluring scents and sensibilities.  The total area is divided into three, on the left side is where the men's stuff are, the right is entirely devoted to women while in the center area are chic fixtures and ornamentation for the home.  Also found in this new universe are hard to find fashion magazines, artwork by RM de Leon and interesting objects of style.  Style definitely is a tall order even to the discerning eye as one can't help but marvel at the well-edited pieces seen on display. Taking concept stores to greater heights, the new milestone in the local landscape is truly a refreshing world beyond the ordinary everyone must see.  UNIVERS is the step forward in fashion, design and art here and beyond.

Space invaders.
Tea for two.
Achilles heel.
Connect the dots.
Rick Owens sightings.
Where the boys are.
Comme all ye faithful.

Black box.

Feminine delight.
Theory of color by Jil Sander.
Rack of Jil.
Rick Owens for femme.
Bright and beautiful.
Heaven is a place on Eairth.
Scent-ence for life.

Un perfume.
Hard to find.
Toy story by John Derian.
For the well-heeled by RM de leon.

Au naturelle by Gaita Fores.
Red alert.
Loving orange by Eairth.
A definite must-go for the no-mainstream style shopper.  Inside the discerning UNIVERS you can find Aspesi, Balenciaga,Comme Play, Comme Black, Eairth, John Derian, Jil Sander, Margiela, Pierre Hardy, Porter, Roland Mouret, Rick Owens, Y-3, Zero and Maria Cornejo.  UNIVERS is located at Unit No. 104-106 One Rockwell East Tower, Makati city 1210PH; for inquiries email at or call +632 553 6811

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