Monday, May 2, 2011

Style Origin 6: Market Market

After having a week long rest due to Holy Week, Style Origin was on its 6th show of the series last Saturday at Market Market, Taguig City. 25 brands participated in the show with the renowned Up Dharma Down as the band playing this time.  This list includes top names in the Philippines such as Bayo, Plains and Prints, Gingersnaps, Wrangler, Jag, Levis, Folded & Hung, Addidas, Get Laud, Wade, Skechers, Merrell, Freeway, Giordano Nava, Jockey etc. who all presented the latest mid-summer collections. Aside from the fact that it was a saturday, as expected, Market Market was super packed on all levels. 

This Style Origin entry is different from the previous entries.  You won't see any models at all coz the author decided to take this one on a different angle. For every fashion show, the superstars are the clothes followed by the models.  The clothes are treated like celebrities-steamed, ironed, carefully hanged in their own racks and checked one by one to make sure everything is complete and set for their minute of stardom.  The "real stars" behind these celebrities are the production crew, stylists, dressers and store representatives.  They are the working hands that pull everything together, which brings to mind a famous line Project Runway's style guru Tim Gunn would often say "Make it work!" Without them, mounting a fashion show would be impossible.  

Hours before each show, the area backstage becomes a setting like the Oscars.  One by one, each brand or store representative arrive as escorts to the clothes as they seemingly walk the red carpet then ushered to their seating arrangement (the racks).  As soon as they go to their respective racks, everything is inspected piece by piece to make sure the look is complete and nothing is missing. The merchandise is arranged according to the sequence guide (the order of exposure) wherein clothes are grouped together per model and not per brand.  Each model will have an area on the rack and clothes are lined up accordingly based on which brand comes out first. After the checking, the waiting begins.  Everyone backstage awaits the models arrival from hair and makeup, and as soon as they are all complete-company call.  Company call is like the last minutes before the show wherein the director goes backstage and briefs everyone if there are any changes or updates.  After this, models change into their first look or outfits and start lining up behind the stage.  When all is set-it's show time. Below are pictures of the "unsung heroes" who deliver the clothes hours before the show.    

Stepping up with style-Wade.
The one and only-Unica Hija.
Not so blue at all-Blued.
As loud as it can get-Get Laud.

Bodycon collection from Get Laud.
Associate Stylist Donna Gonzales Lim is all racked up.
Quirky Maldita.
It's all in the mind-Mental.
Would you want to get your hands on this?
One of our favorite team-Folded and Hung.
Literally Folded and Hung.
Sleepwear fashion.
All boxed up.
The new iconic-Collezione.
Fashion forward Plains and Prints.
New brand Nava.

The bag says it all.
Katrina Ong of Skechers.

Watch out for the next Style Origins, the team is excitedly heading to Cebu over the weekend for the next show.   

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