Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Fashion of Communication

20 years in the fashion industry is no joke.  When this author started out in this business, the conditions were totally different and it was really hard to get in.  the business of gloss and glam was not just about talent, but a lot of perseverance, dedication, commitment and most importantly passion.  Living and breathing fashion is not all about what you wear--it involves high levels of thinking and there is so much creation process going on.  Recently, the author began teaching a new class at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) called Fashion Communication.  The class is all about effectively promoting fashion via variety of multi-media mediums of communication.  The process involves extensive observation, research and analysis to produce factual materials in order to effectively translate information.  One of the mediums of communication is fashion styling for a fashion show.  The class is currently participating at the Style Origins-Bonifacio High Street show.  From clothing selection to fitting, they were able to experience the entire process of how things come about before the actual show date.  The girls took part in creating the look for the 8 piece segment of one of the major brands participating--TOPSHOP. The objective is to showcase, creatively form and communicate the current collection of the brand via the fashion show. The girls were so pro- active and you can see the sparkle in their eyes when we were putting the pieces together.  
The inspirational look.
One of the bag pieces.
Topshop's 8 piece collection. 
The next style generation(from left to right)-Teri Marcelo, Pamela Bassig, Nicole Santos and Jeanne Khe.
Today is a big day as these students become stylists/dressers for a day as the Style Origins Bonifacio High Street (BHS) unfolds at 6pm.  Break a leg  girls, you can do it!!!  Unfortunately the author is currently in Davao getting ready for Style Origins Abreeza which happens tomorrow.  


  1. Love this Luis!too bad we're not seeing you today!Thank you so much!I know we're going to have a great time!:)

  2. sweetie it's just the beginning :-)