Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ariba! Ariba!

Pampanga is known for their great cuisine and variety of restaurants.  Foodies from Manila would actually take an hour and thirty minutes road trip to pig out and take a bite of the city known for their yummy treats.  While taking a break from Style Origins, the team was off to explore for some fun and adventure.  Upon recommendation of a very good friend, Jenny Valdez (who's family hails from Pampanga), we ended up hanging out in this famous Mexican resto called Zapatas.  From the outside, the entrance seemed liked a gateway to some dungeon of sorts but when the doors opened--it was a sight to behold.  The team was welcomed by a wonderful display of brights and bold colors.  The ambiance felt like we were transported to Mexico.  Loving the big area and the festive feeling with all the greens, reds and yellows!!! Your eyes wander endlessly with interesting details all around you.  The Mexican music was the perfect ambiance to complete the entire look and feel of the place. We were so famished and decided to order almost everything on the menu--ooops!  Food kept on coming pitas, chips, Jalapenos, quesadillas, nachos, beans, fajitas with all sorts of dips--name it we had it!  And of course we had the perfect drink to match it with--frozen margarita (strawberry and lemon)!      

Lights on.
No Miss Universe here.
A bar filled with a variety of tequila-no kidding!
Dessert with no sand.
Silly chili.
Where is margarita?
Plate of plenty!
The flag is up!(literally)
Haven't had a drink in ages, this was the perfect time to get the buzz which the author has long forgotten.  No doubt Zapatas serves one of the best Margaritas in the country.  Food and drinks are super cheap you can actually have a feast and be surprised how your bill will turn out.  A must go place one shouldn't miss out on in Pampanga.  

Oh no!
The fun begins.
Another oh no!
Three's company.
Power of three.
Our hostess of the mostess,virtual Mae with all smiles!
Sparkling eyes..bzzzzzzzz!
And just when you thought we stopped at Margaritas, think again--TEQUILA!!!!!

This is it!
Happy Birthday Erin!  We love you :-)
Miss Mexico?
Phallic oh phallic...3 in 1.
Shall we dance?
This is so cute ha ha ha!
Madeleine in Mexico!
Mad hatter.
It's closing time, oh no Mae!  We'll be back!!!
We had so much fun at Zapatas and was sad to find out that they close at 10pm waaaaahh!!!  The staff was so considerate they extended thirty minutes more for us--yey!  Quite a fun and memorable night just drinking and laughing our hearts out so we vowed to return.  And two nights after we came back and here are snaps of the almost complete cast...cheers!!!

Sanya Smith and Poli Laurito.
Ornussa Cadness and Mia Ayesa.
Jairus, Mikka Velasquez and Donna Gonzales Lim.
Marx Topacio, Erin Zuluaga and Grace Tagle.
Grace Tagle, Girlie Benitez, Reg Rodriguez and Rudolph Leonor.
Marita Ganse with Sanya Smith.
Emer, the author and designer Pablo Cabahug.
Jackie Aquino with Peter Nordell.
BJ Santos with birthday girl Erin Zuluaga.
Robby Mananquil and Val de los Santos.
Donna Gonzales Lim, Dindi de Leon, Melissa Frye and Georgia.

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