Sunday, February 6, 2011

For Your Eyes Only

Have you ever wondered how an excellent Ad campaign is made?  Those beautiful billboards you see along edsa, store window displays, posters in the malls, catalogues and on the pages of glossies and broadsheets are all products of meticulous hard work.  From concept brainstorming to pre-production and production to printing, "the process" is like putting pieces of a big puzzle together.  It is no easy feat creating  an image of a brand or product.  For the consumer, all they see is the output which is left to their personal judgement. But for the team who's hands get all dirty to achieve this, the objective is to sell the image, promote a look or make a statement. With it comes heavy research, product development, buying, sourcing and the list goes on and on. Everything is planned well and it's not something you think of out of the blue or for the moment.  For the greater majority, it's just a matter of liking it or not.  To give you an idea of what happens behind the scenes, here is a sneak peak behind the smiles of SM's Shoes and Bags Summer Campaign shoot in Boracay.

Jack in the box?
This was the set up since 5am.
Rolling stones at 7am.

A stone throw away.
Clipping on.
Gio and Rudolph with clothes in line.

Peter's instant set up.
Pat and Laura's smile check.
Formal setting.
Each shoot is different from one another in terms of looks, style and proportion but the effort put into it is all the same.  No shoot is greater or lesser than the other because they are all a result of collaborative efforts from each member of the team.  Professionally, everyone is integral and important from the client, agency, photographer, stylists, makeup artist, hair stylists, models and assistants.  Based on experience,the real key aside from what I've mentioned earlier is chemistry.  With no walls to be broken down,the invisible ties that bind us makes every shoot faster, lighter and easier. 

Rudolph wearing 21 Men.
Bobby wearing SM Wayferer.
Belle wearing Ray Ban.
Ria wearing Ray Ban Wayferer.
Donna wearing Chanel.
Rina wearing Ray Ban.
Reg wearing Anne Klein.
The author wearing Tom Ford.

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