Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mad about Poco Deli

The sign alone gives you an idea of what's in store.
Two days ago I started the day early doing errands before my 1pm shoot.  Luckily, I was able to finish everything around 1030am and was wondering what I was going to do next since I had a bit of time to kill.  My associate stylist Belle Camarsi suddenly texts me and said she was already near Pioneer Studios and wanted to have lunch.  It's always good to have a full meal before a shoot, so without hesitation I gladly obliged.  I asked her where we were going, she said it's a new secret foodie place I would surely love--POCO DELI.  Located in Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig, if you guys are familiar with Charlie's(burger place) it's just a stone's throw away.  
Smoker's in the house.
Cellar status.
Home made cold cuts, an assortment of cheese and sweet somethings.
The prize is wine.
Uncanned goods.
I love going to new places, it always seems like there's an element of surprise. For lunch we had the sausage platter for starters.  The super juicy homemade sausages were grilled just about right matched with their special sauerkraut.  Panini prosciutto with melted mozzarella and cassava chips on the side for our main course with mushroom pasta with truffle oil.  I love truffle oil specially when the kitchen doesn't overdo it.  Tell me about major carbo loading but who cares it's super yummy and we didn't mind because you can take as much brewed coffee as you want (stay awake).  To top it all, we had two slices of cake for dessert.  The first one  was New York baked cheesecake( waaah real cheese and not mousse) and the second was Carrot cake with cinnamon frosting--this was the killer.  We stayed a little close to two hours enjoying the food and the carbo-sweet moment with no regrets.  I won't be surprised if this place becomes a popular one since the food is good and price points are fairly reasonable.  Don't expect a big area, it's fairly new( opened last October) and quite quaint.  Another perfect hideout from the scene to be seen. Wanted to stay longer and try the rest of the menu...oooppps but maybe some other time when work doesn't get in the way.  

The starter platter.
Start spreading the news.
Cinnamon sin.
I completely forgot to try their homemade ice cream which I heard is really good.  Will be dropping by soon to get hold of this frozen delight.

I missed out on this :-(
Associate stylist Belle Camarsi wearing a gray tank and powder blue chambray polo
both by Topshop, denim cut-offs by Levis, blue snakeskin caged heel by Tonic, vintage
heirloom silver necklaces, leather tote by Tyler and sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.
Junior stylist Donna Gonzales Lim wearing slate gray dress with leather straps from 
HK,beige shoes by Cole Vintage and brown Fendi spy.
The author wearing a white tee from Banana Republic, pique khaki trousers by Joey
Samson, white snakeskin  shoes from Adora, wooden face watch with red patent strap
from a bazaar, sunglasses by Tom Ford and red Antigona lambskin bag by Givenchy.
Poco deli is open 11am -10pm on weekdays(Friday-Saturday until midnight), and Sundays 5pm - 10pm.

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