Saturday, February 5, 2011

True Food

Don't be deceived by the title. It's not the famous Indian restaurant found in the isle of Boracay. Whenever I go back,  I never miss out on having a good brekkie (breakfast) in Real Coffee.  Located in between station1 and 2, you can ask any tricycle driver or islander for directions and  they will surely show you the way.  The place is owned by Nadine who was introduced to me by a close friend almost a decade ago.  Since then, I never fail to keep coming back.

Me and my kids with the Queen of Real Coffee-Nadine's Mom(center).

They serve healthy breakfast food and  one of the best brewed (barako I think) coffee in the island.  Aside from the waker uppers, the quaint resto is known for signature offerings such as the pesto omelette and tuna melt.  We recently discovered the mouth-watering chicken sandwich also known as Marc's Melt ( named after tv personality Marc Nelson).  Seems like you can't get enough when you go through the entire menu filled with yummy treats. No fuss and flash presentations, the food is simple, healthy and something to look forward to.  Definitely a good way to start your day and satisfy your big morning appetite. 

Muchos Pesto.

The way Mark melts.
 One must not miss the legendary calamansi cupcake.  I used to order a dozen and bring them back home to Manila for my mom and sisters.  The best time to get these food for thought is in the morning and mid afternoon when they bake it. Nothing compares to this gastronomic find that's only available in the island til this day.  The food is as "real" as it can get.

Let them eat cake.
 Another place one shouldn't miss is JONAS for their fruit and milkshakes-super divine.  We had them during our first night plus a taste of the fake choriburger.  Please never get them in the restos because they're not even close to the real thing.  Try being adventurous and start  looking for those barbeque stalls on the street ( though we heard these stands are already prohibited to be setup along the beach) because they sell the authentic ones.  If JONAS is full, then you can get good shakes at JONY's as well which is just a few stores away. It's the perfect place to hangout out in the afternoon to snack up, have a round of drinks or people watch. They have this really good anchovy pizza so heavenly you just might end up ordering another one.

Mad scramble.

Cocktail hour @ Jony's.

Sweet surrender.

Smile with your heart.


  1. wahhhh, i'm craving for real coffee breakfast tuloy :(

  2. I saw your blog through reg, love what you guys do :) It's inspiring. Following you now :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Real Coffee has always been a favorite of mine. Love Nadine =) btw, passing on the stylish blogger award to you. pls check my blog for details...

  4. @ Melai thanks for following will definitely check out your blog. @ fashion eggplant am still drooling over pesto omelette!!! thankie for the award again weeeeee :-)