Monday, February 7, 2011


Casting call.

Sunday brunch is becoming a regular habit.  We started this last year and am glad we are making it as often as we can.  This week's attendees included Expat EIC and Phil Star columnist Katrina Holigores, makeup artist Bobby Carlos, fashion designer's Louis Claparols, Ivar Aseron and designer turned global artist Patty Eustaquio.  Brunch became lunch instead at one of our favorite spots-- Mamou in Serendra at the Fort in Taguig.  Food has always been so good and service is faster than a speeding bullet.  I didn't order my favorite Eggs Benedict with bacon since I came in super late (which by the way is a rare thing) but got a pasta dish--Vongole(clams) instead. I've tried this excellent dish and decided to do something with it for a change. Adding a twist to my meal I spiced the Vongole with ground pepper for that added flavor and was satisfied to my hearts content.  

Vongole surprise.
For dessert, I was so jealous of Patty's ( who's having a group exhibit at White Space this coming Saturday and another one in Hongkong in March) order and decided to get the same--New York cheesecake.  I was savoring the oh so heavenly melt slowly in my mouth. In my opinion, I think Mamou has one of the best cheesecakes in town. Am so glad it's not one of those mousse cheesecakes which am not so fond of at all.  Perfect Sunday lunchies with a lot of kwentos.  Wished everyday was a Sunday :-)

Kat wearing a silk top from Mphosis, jeans by Viktor, ballet flats from Sapato Manila
and red cowhide bag from TRU.
Louis wearing a green tank top from GAP, striped v-neck shirt from Topshop, gray
harem pants from F & H, high cut shoes by Bernard Wilhelm, sunglasses by MIU MIU
and black bag by Gaspard Yurkievich.
Ivar wearing blackk tee by McQ, pique pants by himself, shoes by Neil Barrett
and bag by Balenciaga.
Bobby wearing printed tee and gray pants both by Fox, blue patent shoes by Opening
Ceremony and black nylon backpack by Prada.
Patty wearing a black knit top by H & M, polka dot short by Mphosis, yellow shoes
by Camper and printed clutch  by Heather Miss Grey.
The author wearing an ourange tee by Banana repulbic, plaid shorts by Springfield,
watch with wooden face and red patent strap from a bazaar, orange laceless lace ups by
Frank at Traffic, nude lambskin bag from HK and suinglasses by Burberry Prossum.

A step on style.

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