Friday, February 11, 2011

Bali High

A photographer friend of mine, Pat Dy ( One of Manila's top wedding photographer), recently introduced a new venture he's involved with--Balinese art.  Baliwood is a furniture and artifact line for those who fancy and are into Asian design.  The fusion of wood with desaturated colors create a modern touch to their pieces leaving "new old" impressions. Clearly these contemporary furniture and fixtures reflect the uniqueness of culture and lifestyle of Bali.

Row your boat.
Seat of power.
On all fours.
Chic stands.
Wood works.
Baliwood is nothing too intricate or ornate.  Forget dark wood and the idea of something ancient and old. The line is simple, stylish and functional well-fitting for the contemporary lifestyle.  Cabinets, chairs, tables and artifacts make perfect decorative highlights for the home. Made of hardwood teak and sandstone, all products are  are highly weather resistant and suitable both indoors and outdoors.  So if you have a penchant for Balinese art, these are definitely good finds to satisfy your Asian fixations.

Hands in heaven.

Stone white. 
Twin flame.
Burst of color.
Baliwood is located at the third floor 347 Ortigas Avenue, East Greenhills, Mandaluyong city ( A few blocks from La Salle Greenhills).

Thank you so much The Fashion Eggplant for passing on this award and am really honored.  Another inspiration to continue this online literary pursuit.  And with this award comes the following:

7 things about me that you don't know:

1.   I love the sun so much and I really don't care even if it hurts.
2.   Fashion and food is a passion I cannot live without.

3.   The true essence of being stylish is having a personal distinct look
that's not a mimic or clone from a glossy magazine.
4.  Comfort dressing is an imperative style essential.
5.  Trash can never look class.
6.  I'm a firm believer of  the man wearing the clothes and NEVER the clothes
wearing the man.
7.  Life is so much fun in everything crazy beautiful.

I am passing on this award to 15 People (this list to follow)

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  1. congrats =) love the low table with the colorful accents!