Saturday, February 12, 2011

Graphic Identity

Things happen for a reason and whatever you do, if you live life following your passion, life will be meaningful.  True in the case of former young PR maven turned graphic genius and good friend Isabel Gatuslao.  After working for a prestigious 5 star hotel for three years, she finally realized her calling, back to her first love--Graphic Design.  Naturally borne with remarkable talent, the artist displays extraordinary visual narratives that define the uniqueness of her art.  Well thought of ideas are woven into her medium of choice resulting to chic modern incantations marking statements beyond words.  The smart play on typography, taste in color and geometric use of space are artistic expressions within her continuously evolving aesthetics. Interesting, refreshing and stylish, the artist's contemporary approach with design is definitely one to watch out for.  Brimming with creativity, there is promise of a bright future to this artist who exudes so much love and passion in what she believes in.  With so much heart in her art,  there is something substantial to look forward to in her work full of essence and form.  Her distinct presence and addition to the local world of graphic design will hopefully welcome more women to this underrated profession dominated by mostly men. With a positive outlook, confidence and ambition, the artist undoubtedly will open doors and encourage more women to take part in this design industry and produce the next generation of hopeful masters.

                                                             Creative school of thought.

                                                Every image of design has a story to tell.

                              Advertising expositions feature branding backed up by semiotics 
                                           and historical information in graphic visual context.

              The artist presents a fantastical and cerebral display of pattern-like aesthetics 
                                        showcasing the vast labyrinth of a beautiful mind.

                         The art of creating brand identity is a product of compounded research 
                             and ideas fused into one to create a design of what it stands for.

Isabel wearing a top and skirt both by Mango, slate gray heels by Zara, pendant necklace
from Kaila Ledesma, metallic silver cuff from New York and patent bag from Carbon.
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  1. Luis! Thank you for all the kind words!!! Hugs and much love always!!