Friday, February 18, 2011

Modern Organic

Have you ever heard of the Salcedo or Legaspi market?  Am sure if you're into organic stuff you must be a regular who visit these places every weekend.  A haven of a variety of organic produce from different establishments, fresh finds and gastronomic feast of local foodies from classic Filipino dishes to the best of the best from every region.  This weekend "scene" through the years has gained so much popularity it developed a cult following and today  it's own culture.  Thus resulting to the expanding awareness and promotion of the so called "organic lifestyle".  What started out as a trend is now a growing community  promoting healthy living.  From food it has transcended into a lot of things such as development of beauty products, scents, home furnishings and fashion.  The bigger picture here is sustaining a clean lifestyle not just to promote personal health but the environment as well.

One of the small scale establishments that promote this kind of lifestyle is RITUAL located at The Collective along Malugay street in Makati.  They sell local produce and specialities from different provinces like honey from Palawan, pickles from Ilocos, rice, salt from Pangasinan, Cacao from Davao, brown rice, sugar etc. Most of their products are environmental friendly and organic, but more importantly support provincial communities that actively take part in sustaining this new-old lifestyle.  I really love this place and they serve one of the best Arabica coffee. 

Scoop your pick.

Raw sugar.

Sari-saring asim(variety of vinegar).

"Burong mangga".

Organic soap.

Sweet as candy.


Contemporary market.

 The look and feel of the place gives you a close feeling to nature and the all natural.  Living life with a purpose and concern beyond the "I, me and myself" is a noble act of selflessness.  It reminds me of another favorite store with the same mantra--Echostore(located in Serendra at the Fort and Podium in Pasig).  Have a moment of thought to consider this new-old lifestyle, after all there is no harm in keeping in mind the greater good for all. 

Life in green.

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