Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Are Young

Work becomes play when kids are involved.  The look and feel of things around you becomes a decade younger.  The style team recently had a two day shoot featuring kids shoes from nonetheless but the Philippine retail industry's giant among giants--SM.  With kids there are a lot of proppings, clothes are more colorful and the mood is all in the spirit of fun.  Yes, the very young play a big role too in the retail scene, without them, the whole essence of a department store won't be complete.  Going back, one thing quite evident in these kiddie photoshoots is the overload of sweets such as candies, gums, cookies and chocolates.  Waaaaahhh all time sugar high.  The kids love it so much and they always seem to have endless energy.  The sight gives one a moment to look back and recall at one point we filled in the same shoes.  Oh well, there's still a child in each and everyone of us that comes out probably once in a blue moon. Just a thought,could it be the secret of youth? 
DPI XL Studios.


The wardrobe.

The setting.

The bait.

The dolls.

Sweets for my sweets.

Adfolio's Lora Antenor, SM's Rina Bugayong and Ruth Galvez, Adfolio's Neslyn

SM Merchandisers.

Styling apprentice Alyssa Lapid and K MIranda.

Photographer Nico Villegas.

Day 1 Style Team:  Grace Caison, Donna Gonzales Lim and Mikka Velasquez.

Day 2 Set up.


The Star.

Day 2 Stylists Rudolph Leonor and Reg Rodriguez.

Niko Villegas takes the shot.

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