Friday, September 23, 2011

Birth of a Nation

Welcome to Diesel  Island where the first pioneers dreamt of a virgin place to forge their own society. Its the birth of a new nation where it  takes only what’s great from the countries we know. Where the laws are re-written, social wrongs corrected to create the real land of the Stupid and home of the Braves. The pioneers need to turn the Successful Living philosophy in a set of principles and prescribe their own rules showcased in the new development of the brand’s campaign--the writing of Diesel Island constitution. The Diesel islanders take the Be Stupid manifesto of having balls, letting go, creating stuff, throwing it all in the air and seeing where it lands. The only global interactive campaign of the moment, on Diesel’s main site each picture will be featured as a pop-up book, with a different animation, representing one of the laws of the Constitution. Along with the set of laws, the election of a government where social networks serve as polling places: a facebook application, an Island TAB, a YouTube Channel, and digital gadgets on FlickR. A video will be broadcasted across social media sites: a parody of a musical, where the pioneers sing the principles of the Diesel Island Constitution. The Diesel Island campaign will also be integrated into e-commerce: by clicking on any item, a panel is overlaid, allowing a clear appreciation of the clothes, complete product information and a direct link to buy. The future of the island is yet to be revealed.

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