Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Watch: Jun Escario

Cebu designer Jun Escario successful Fashion Watch Spring-Summer 2012 has taken the look of resort into an ethereal goddess like manner of style.  Apparitions in sheer genius pieces glide gracefully in modern day sophistication.  Ultra feminine fabrics in muted hues channel the idea of something light, easy and breezy.  Inspired from his trips to Italy, an ocean like palette dominates the entire collection where one can almost hear the waves along the seashore. Elegance sails into the seven seas with electric pleats and drapes in style-stopping forward fashion.  Dreamy in billowing silhouettes, the statement evokes a new kind of simplistic glamour with a subtle statement that's all about soft power.  One can't help notice fine details by the Midas touch as seen in interesting accessories such as belts, cuffs and neckpieces by Gladys Young that are truly a gift from the Gods.  There is evidently a certain mood of sexiness in both bare and covered pieces tastefully made with restrain.  Jun Escario undoubtedly showcased his impeccable taste and mastery in design in making beautiful and wearable masterpieces made in heaven.

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