Friday, September 16, 2011

Return to Eden 2

Day 3 on Shangri La Boracay was all about relaxing and simply doing nothing.  The team decided to just hangout on the beach the entire morning til a little past noon.  Some took a nap, others were listening to music, while the rest went to the ALON bar to have loads of good morning cocktails.  From one drink to another, loving the catching up time until we realized it was a little past two in the afternoon--our tummies were growling.   Headed to VINTANA restaurant for some super late lunch then decided to go to the main beach after days of seclusion from the rest of the Boracay world. 
To get to the main scene from Shangri-La Boracay, one has to either take the shuttle for free as long as you know the scheduled departure and pick up time.  The other option is to hire a private van which is provided by the hotel for a certain rate.By the time we got to station 2, we were hungry again and couldn't believe our appetites were huge and could take a lot more.  So we decided to go to REAL COFFEE(how could one miss out on the island's best kept secret) and indulged their famous pesto omelette and tuna melt.  Finally, we could feel the heaviness with all the food we've been eating so decided to take a long stroll along the shoreline.  There were a lot of Koreans at this time of the year and you could barely spot anyone from Manila. Loving the luxury of space where you can just worry less of the maddening crowd.   Around an hour after we decided to take a spot in SUR and enjoy the sunset with more drinks.  The minutes turned into hours and soon the stars started coming out, filling the vast darkness of the night.  Luckily it was full moon, and the night seemed to be smiling down on us for some good reason, after several rounds of sweet intoxication, we were able to find our way back to the mall where the hotel shuttle would pick us up.  As soon as we got back to Shang, we had our last supper, feasting on Vintana's gastronomic specialties.
Overall the team really had a grand time this trip, thanks to Patti Javier, Marla de Asis, the staff and management for taking good care of us.  Undoubtedly, the perfect venue for work and play where one would feel more than special.  Looking forward to a trip back soon, but this time maybe a bit longer.  Cheers!

Angle 1 45 degrees.

Angle 2 90 degrees.

Angle 3 120 degrees.

Angle 4 180 degrees.

By the beach.


No ordinary basket case.



Yummy Mango Tango.

Fruity treats.

Pigging out.

Metro Wedding's Krisa Tiongco, Associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim and Rudolph Leonor.

The author with Max Factor's Bobby Carlos.

Nature's beauty.

Mapping out.

Missed taking the parao on this trip.

Walk this way on the main beach.

Alone on this island.


Shangri-La Boracay's Director of Communications Patti Javier with assistant Marla de Asis.

Group photo.

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