Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decoding Mandalas

Looking into a kaleidoscope is a view into a spectrum of fantastical colors.  It's like entering a world of make-believe where varying shades of hues come to life in the most vivid and lucid attractions. Setting her imagination into a platform of artistic existence is Ramona Dela Cruz Gaston in her first exhibition entitled "Ramona in the Details."  Using the symbolic mandala(a sacred art form) as her canvas the artist presents a meditative exposition on the drama of womanhood and the journey from maiden to mother. Geometric designs fused with personal iconography in symmetrical appeal display a semiotic autobiography on the roles the artist has taken in the past four years of her life. Influenced by Art Nouveau, Dela Cruz-Gaston’s unapologetic,feminine and emotional signature renders surreal canvasses that are outstanding and mesmerizing oil masterpieces. The hypnotic appeal of this mind boggling art is breathtaking and brings one into a world full of emotions. With the exhibit comes a book also entitled Ramona in the Details, is a collective documentation of her beginnings as an artist , stories behind works, obsessions with miniature toys and animals, deaths and miscarriages, experimentations with various media (among them her own blood)--a diary of her life.
The Great Medallion.  This life size masterpiece on oil is for bidding.
The Traveller.  This author was overwhelmed by this beautiful painting and felt it was a vortex of some sort. One will be amazed at its colossal appeal.
Throbbing Compass.  Interesting artwork that makes your mind think.
The jealous Wife.  Looking at this piece felt like it was moving and alive.
The humble artist Ramona Dela Cruz Gaston.
Check out Ramona Dela Cruz Gaston in her first exhibition on October 8, 8pm at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, The Collective located at 7274 Malugay St., Makati city.

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  1. great picture...i can feel that rapid suppressed intensity.....i can never get over you