Saturday, October 8, 2011

Too Many Walls

Baroque.  Loving the term and everything that comes with it.  Was recently assigned to do a bridal editorial for Metro weddings with the theme in mind and couldn't help but get an overload of ideas. The venue for the shoot was held at Illustrado restaurant in Intramuros, Manila.  The "walled city" was the perfect backdrop for this wonderful concept. The idea of preserving structures that remind us of history is significantly noble.  Both interiors and exteriors of the place were well kept and glad to still having a structures of the like still around.  The huge old house was transformed into an establishment that had a coffee shop, fine dining resto and a ballroom for events. We had an early call time at the walled city, with 10 gowns from the best designer's, jewelry and shoes in the country--this shoot was bound to be a great one.  From one layout to another, the feeling was like being transported in a glorious era as we tried to impart through the concept and pieces a part of history.  It was a super fun shoot where we could constantly all tease each other while dripping in sweat.  Laughter echoed through the walls and hallways as if there was nothing but the stillness of air.  The shoot went quick and fast as usual as the team moved in organized chaos.  Loving how everything flowed out well through and through.  If only the walls could talk, am sure whatever was there celebrated with us as we became part of Illustrados history.

For the man of the times by Salvatore Mann Black Label.
Holiday hues from Parisian.
Tanned by Salvatore Mann Black Label.
Step worthy by Parisian.
Precious delights made by Joyce Makitalo.
Bejeweled blitz by Joyce Makitalo.
Ornate masterpiece by Nicole Whisenhunt.
Nicole Whisenhunt.
Fantastic belt by Nicole Whisenhunt.
Pearl of a difference.
Makeup artist Bobby Carlos works on model Grace Tagle while assistant makeup artist Tintin Catalan Samaniego smiles on.
Max Factor's Bobby Carlos with Metro Weddings Krisa Tiongco.
Assistant makeup artist Tintin Catalan Samaniego works on model Pedro Mologni.
Tales from the South Sea from Jewelmer.
Masterpieces by Joyce Makitalo.
Let there be light.
Color combination.
Old world charm.
Set in stone.
Of flowers and vines.
Somewhere in time.
On set.
Hairstylist Jim Geurrero works on model Pedro Mologni in a modern tux  by Joey Samson. .
Blast from the past.  Grace Tagle in a Jun EScario.
Under the shade.
A minute of waiting.
Far away.  Associate stylist Mikka Velasquez, Bobby Carlos, Mary Grace Caison and associate stylist Rudolph Leonor(far right).
The new guards.  Photographer Joan Bitagcol and Metro Weddings' Fashion Editor Ana Lloren.
There's no bird.
Surprise visit. Designer Frederick Peralta.

Never ending story. 

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