Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fountain of Youth

The skin is the largest organ of our body.  In the world of beauty, our skin are as precious as diamonds. Without doubt, history has celebrated women blessed with the essence of its beauty.  All over the world, having beautiful, radiant and flawless skin is like being in the state of eternity.  One race admired for this type of skin are the Japanese.  Their women are deemed as one of the most beautiful ever existed.  Known for their porcelain-like beauty, the world has wondered how they found ‘key to the fountain of youth’.
What's their secret? Manila can now experience the best of western technology and eastern practices at The Mariko Skin & Body Centre from Tokyo, Japan. They believe in the pursuit for eternal beauty.

Japanese women are deemed as, having the most beautiful skin. Japanese Technology in facial care and products is by far one of the best in the world.Mariko Skin & Body Centre offers the science of Japanese Dermatology which offer scientifically proven skin care solutions for men and women of varying skin types and conditions. A collection of the finest and carefully formulated skin and body treatments formulated in Japan is for the woman who is committed to stay beautiful at any age.
Mariko caters to the specific needs of each generation - the young, the middle-aged and the older, more graceful women. The treatment prices are very affordable for anyone’s budget and what’s better is that you get the best results. A facial treatment will only cost you 99 pesos at least. Skin treatments such as Age-Less Facial Treatment, Acne Cure Treatment and Pure White Skin Treatments are scientifically and dermatologically proven to give great results. State-of-the-art Fraxelight Lasers, Ultrasound and Radiofrequency (RF) are also available. One need not worry about expensive price tags, the Acne Cure Facial Treatment is only P149.00, Fraxelight Laser Acne treatment at P2550 and its complementing treatment, the Pure White Medical Peel for scar removal is only P1650. A small price to pay for a whole new world of confidence. Candidates for treatment are those who have blackheads, whiteheads and larger spots on face and sometimes on the neck, upper chest, back and upper arms. All treatments uses U.S FDA approved lasers and products. When you choose to be beautiful, you choose to be happy and confident. Beautiful skin enhances people's lives. The Mariko Tokyo Skin & Body Centre aims to practically enhance one's beauty and bring out the best in the new you.

MAKATI – G/F, LPL Manor, L.P Leviste street, Salcedo Village Tel. 5532397
GREENHILLS – G/F, Richbelt Terraces, Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City Tel. 7259406
MANDALUYONG – G/F, Maysilo St., Mandaluyong Circle(Mandaluyong City Hall) Tel. 4775736
PASAY CITY – G/F, Holiday Plaza, Arnaiz St. cor. F.B Harrisson, Pasay City Tel. 5521402

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