Saturday, January 8, 2011


Philippine magazine publications has come a long way.   The proliferation of glossies in the past decade has positively contributed to the growth and development of the fashion and style arena.  From layouts, shoots, features and events, the facelift through the years marked an evolution as the magazine industry rose to global competence with all its gloss and glory.  

The rise of the publishing empires soared great heights and became an avenue of discoveries for the new, now and next.  Breaking from the mold, the local magazine world welcomed new genres expanding its medium to various fields and interests such as travel, people, wedding, mens, beauty etc.  Just goes to show there is a big market in Manila.  With this growth comes more jobs for creative suppliers such as photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models and people in the editorial profession. Furthmore, it's an encouragement to the public to learn to appreciate and understand the values of leisure reading, social awareness and relevance..

Today, there isn't much difference  when you look at both local and foreign magazines on the stands specially when you're looking through the eyes of a typical reader.  There is so much to be proud of in an industry that has grown with so much pride. Every title deserves  merits of its own, after all there is so much effort and work input in each and every issue. From brainstorming, to production to editing and printing, a loadful of sweat and sometimes tears too come in the creation process. Putting a magazine together is no walk in the park .

Currently, magazine publishing has gone online as well due to the growing demand of the market.  In recent years, the rise of the power of the net has forced the industry into this massive component. This progression with technology is definitely a step forward with the global movement of the times.

Every piece is  part of a whole and one whole will never be complete without its parts.  In the local scene exists a collective movement to constantly raise the standards. The positive drive towards the future of publishing is continuously evolving with a strong mindset and strive for global excellence. Each magazine exemplifies  the modern idea of metamorphosis as it ceasessly exist to satisfy the ever-changing needs and demands of the most important factor  to consider-the reader.


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