Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pieces of You


Jewelry is a reflection of one's taste and personal style.  So fascinating, so alluring and mesmerizing its dazzling display in various settings, cuts and colors is nothing less than precious. These pieces of refinement go beyond their material aesthetic value and become the extensions of oneself.  Good friend Malou Araneta Romero recently launched Joanique Co.- a line of fine jewelry for the bold and the brave.  Her statement pieces are for those who's personal style is beyond the traditional.  Fearless and captivating, one can't help be noticed in these standout jewels.  

Gold Fever.
Set in stone.
Midas touch.
  A couple of years back, Malou ( a former Close-Up model) graced the pages of Manila's top glossies and was a known face in local advertising.  Am so proud of her and the business she got herself into-still in fashion but this time in the field of design.  I always knew her as a very creative person even during her modeling days and now am quite happy to see the celebration of the artist within. 
From ear to ear.

Luxe trappings.

These fine creations of startling appeal mimic the personality and style of this designer who's vision is to make fine jewelry affordable.  Distinctly chic, these statement pieces are investments to have and to hold for a lifetime.  An excellent addition to the handful of local jewelry brands with world-class standards and we can proudly say it's Made in the Philippines.

Check out their website at


  1. Thanks Luis for your blog.
    You have always been one of my mentor when comes to modeling and fashion. You've always pushed me to do my best and to have that passion with everything that i do.
    Your passion and dedication to your work is what I admire the most.
    Congratulations to your blog.......


  2. Awww thanks Malou my dear :-) Here's to your new and wonderful career and am looking forward for your star to shine its brightest :-) luv ya :-)