Monday, January 24, 2011

Stepping Up

Clutch of Colour.

The long wait is over.  I was in a pre-production meeting in SM this morning that lasted for almost three hours. We were planning, organizing and finalizing details for one of their department's major summer campaign.  With me was makeup artist Bobby Carlos and we were welcomed in a room full of crates filled with bags and lines of shoes.  It was no surprise the latest collections of local brand Parisian are must-have eye candy for the new season.  The buzzworthy pieces come in an array of fashionable styles, modern shapes, and bold colors in all sizes.  Even the most discerning of taste will agree these chic pieces score high on the style meter. 

Bobby wearing a black v-neck tee by Bench, trousers by Topman, belt by Alexander McQueen,
 black  patent lace ups by Opening Ceremony and Damier graphite keepall 45 by Louis Vuitton.

The author wearing a white v-neck top by Uniqlo, blue slim fit denims by Zara,
brown boots byCarbon, sunglasses by Tom Ford and brown Marlow bag by Chloe.
On insight, the local shoe industry is stepping up and coming out with designs currently on the radar.  Satisfying the shoe fetish of the modern Filipina, the fashion forward take brings so much optimism in local retail. Step by step we are slowly envisioning a bigger goal, which is to strive for excellence and achieve global competence.  Nowadays, whether designer or retail, shoe brands are multiplying by the minute.  There is a big market out there whose wants need to be satisfied by practicality.  Although sky-high brands are very much appreciated, the margins or so called economies of scale are small compared to the multitude seeking chic affordable fashion.  Could it be that cosmopolitan Manila is catching up with the international trend pace by changing their wardrobes or looks by the season?  Either way, don’t you think it works well for the economy?  Well whatever it is, taking in all the factors to consider, it makes me wonder in excitement how locally made shoes will look like in the future.  


Bold steps.
 It seems like we're stepping into the bright side for this chic campaign and ready to go all out under the fun sunny summer sun. Here's a sneak peak on what's coming and the hottest must-buy food for the sole.  All shoes and bags by Parisian will be coming out this February-April.

Summer's  Sole.


  1. oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! super excited for this!!!!! :)

  2. wow!! something to lust over yet again!!!!!

  3. I love Summer's sole!!! Can't wait :-D

  4. Just stumble on your blog. And wow those shoes are super nice! By the way, I love your bag and Bobby's patent shoes. :)

  5. @ Kat super cute and cheap :-) @ Noelle thanks my dear for dropping by :-)

  6. Cannot wait for all of these!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. @ Alexa We just finished shooting the summer campaigns and what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Fantastic shoes and bags to come :-) thanks for dropping by :-)

  8. wow, please update when they're out!!! =)

  9. @ fashion eggplant Will definitely update you my dear and thanks for the award :-) cheers