Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Promise

Wedding Belle.

Late last year two of my daughters got married, one was in Boracay and the other in Tagaytay.  The Boracay wedding came first while the Tagaytay came the day after.  A day before the beach wedding we were informed that my flight back to Manila was canceled and this would mean I won't be able to attend the wedding in the highlands.  The thought was quite upsetting so I tried my best to find an earlier flight and scrambled for numbers to make the necessary changes.  Luckily, there was an early flight that day (leaving the beach was quite saddening) so we were initially wait listed.  By early evening I received a confirmation call from SEAIR and everything just fell into place.  After all, I wouldn't want to miss my daughter's wedding.  Besides, I made a promise.

All made up.  Makeup and hairstyling by Lourd Ramos.
Arriving in Manila on the day of the wedding made me, frantic.  After traveling an hour and a half from the airport to Tagaytay I felt relieved.  We finally made it(with me were Reg and Rudolph--two of my other kids).  We realized we didn't have a place to dress up so Reg and Rudolph went to Starbucks while I changed inside the ever dependable van.  Time flew quickly and we rushed to Taal Vista Hotel (prepping up venue) to get a glimpse of the bride before she walks down the aisle.  The sight of my little girl in her beautiful vintage inspired gown holding a bouquet of blush pink peonies almost brought tears to my eyes.  I was overjoyed to see her and witness her one moment in time about to happen.  All the stress we went through just to get to this wedding vanished into the cold mountain breeze.  I was more than grateful to the universe and couldn't even ask for more.  There was an unforgettable glorious sunset at Caleruega (church) that day.  Wonderful hues filled the skies and unconditional love was all around us to celebrate the union of both Donna and Carlito.  As the church doors opened and the wedding march was about to start, a realization came to mind.  This is a day when two become one and promises are made not for the moment but to last a lifetime.

Picture Perfect. Wedding gown by Francis Libiran.  Photos by Pat Dy.

Family Ties(From left to right):  The author wearing an ivory dinner jacket, black bow, white long sleeved polo and tuxedo pants all by Joey Samson and sunglasses by Balmain; the bride in Francis Libiran; Reg in a white pleated dress by Blanc et Noir from SM, black shrug from Willow and sunglasses by Ray Ban; Rudolph in dark long sleeve polo and  trousers by Topman, checkered blazer by Mondo and sunglasses by Ray Ban.
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