Friday, January 21, 2011

New Beginnings

Thank you to my good friend, former boss, sister for life  Katrina Holigores for featuring me on her blog.  One of the handful who kept on pushing me since about a year ago to start writing online. She is one of my inspirations and driving force in life that keeps me grounded and has helped me understand my creative insanity.  I truly appreciate her kind gesture.  Check out her site, a window into understanding the world and definitely worthwhile soul food for everyone. Happy reading!!!

Style Narratives-New (chic) kid on the Blog!

I love discovering new blogs to follow, but nothing makes me love a blog more when written by a good friend; especially one who I feel should have started this kind of "design denizen" write up years ago!

Luis Espiritu, finally online!
Premiere stylist, designer discoverer, personal shopper and dearest friend, Luis Espiritu has FINALLY embarked on a virtual compendium of all-that-is-aesthetic around him. From documenting people, places and plates (of food) Espiritu has definitely got an eye for what gives our lives an extra spin on chic. is full of clean, crisp images, accompanied by concise and sincere storytelling that allows the reader a "view" into Espiritu's design drenched world.
Not quite the sartorialist but certainly far away from the usual fluff and puff pieces that evolve around the author as sun in a small Manila Universe, Espiritu being the former Creative Director of Metro Magazine as well as the incumbent Creative Director for the Philippine Star's Allure section (where he has a bi-weekly column on trends and trendsetters) stays within design lines by "captioning" those he deems fashionable with full-on editorial credits.
I could keep on going with why I find this blog  an ideal place for a little online heel-(or stiletto) cooling, but best if you experience it for yourself!

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