Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Attack

A matter of space

Urban Art is gaining popularity in the Philippines.  Visited a gallery called Vinyl on Vinyl at The Collective (located at Malugay Street in Makati City) while waiting for a meeting to happen and ended up immersing myself for hours of interesting conversation on what is seemingly called modern art.  Cool owners race car champion Gabby de la Merced and makeup artist Pia Reyes are the moving force behind this contemporary movement in the local landscape.  Refreshingly distinct, the gallery is nothing of the typical as it showcases vinyl toys, records and more importantly a visual platform for for the new genre.
Pia(left) wearing white top and denims both from Topshop, shoes by Rubi
and watch by Casio. Gabby(right) wearing white top by Forever 21, pants by Topshop,
watch by Omega, headband by Accesorize and shoes by Rubi.

multiple exposures

The painting at the foreground was inspired from the Jollibee mascot. 

Toy stories.

Stairway to haven.


Fixture perfect.

Sitting pretty.
Currently on exhibition are the works of Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa who's global popularity is gaining faster than the speed of light.  I am inspired by the exposition of his pieces in big strokes of genius bursting in kaleidoscopic numbers.  Bold, playful and fun with a subtext of humor, I couldn't help my running thoughts enter the realms of endless semiotics.  

Hair extensions?

Guessing game.

A closer look at Jollibee.
Great Wall.

The underground art scene seem to be picking up in Manila since a couple of months back global artist Tara Mcpherson (painter, freelance illustrator and poster artist) held an exhibit in Vinyl on Vinyl as well.  A window to an alternative culture is quite welcoming.  Introducing a diversity of visually appealing perspectives, it doesn't hurt local art as long as we keep our eyes wide open and tinker with the labyrinths of our mind.
Celebrating the Art of Noise.

Spray painted low top leather sneakers by Margiela
The author wearing white pinted tee by Uniqlo, military green pants by Zara, low top
 leather sneakers by Margiela and  large two-toned luggage tote by Celine.

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  1. whee, i love this post!!! :) vinyl on vinyl is such an awesome place :)