Friday, January 28, 2011

Pattern Play

Two days ago was an easy pullout day and by mid-afternoon we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream at our favorite Ice Cream Bar( posted in an earlier entry) in Rockwell.  Decided to take pictures of the area around us to try to capture linear perspectives of the surrounding buildings.  Leading lines and vanishing points have always fascinated me with their play of symmetry.  So much inspiration can be drawn from these towering man-made monuments.

All boxed up.

Acute angles.

High rise.

Perfect cone.

A puzzlement.
In the middle of my random point and shoot we were stopped by security.  Unfortunately, shooting of structures is no longer allowed-weird!  Tried to steal several shots but the security guard was keeping an eye on us.  So we decided to continue the fun and started taking picture of ourselves.  Geometry to many may just be Math but as I reviewed the pictures in my camera I found our defining lines up close and personal.

Rudolph wearing a blue and white striped long sleeve polo with red buttons and white
pants both by H & M, suede boat shoes by Payless shoe source, watch by Kenneth
 Cole and leather sling bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Red, white and blue.
Donna wearing a white top by Topshop, black crochet vest by, printed
pants by Cotton On, sandals by Shuz, peacock ring and necklace from a bazaar
and bag by Gucci.
Go figure.
Reg wearing a sleeveless white top by Topshop, blush vest and gray cotton skirt
both by Forever 21, fringe necklace from Sm, woooden bangles from Bohol, brown
sling bag from Bangkok and woven platform wedges from Parisian.
All in the detail.
The author wearing white tee by Topshop, red and white checkered long sleeve polo
and khakis both by Zara, beige leather sneakers from Adora and plaid printed leather
bag by Vivienne Westwood. 

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