Saturday, November 12, 2011

SM Mens Fashion Holiday 2011 Campaign

Menswear retail in the Philippines is undergoing a style transition moving in and out from reality to fantasy and vis a vis. Inspired from cinema's iconic films, SM Mens Fashion's Holiday 2011 Ad campaign showcases modern tailoring incorporated in mass retail.  Soft and hard lines work silhouettes and form in up to date layering.  Bespoke transcends into style adaptations whethere in silhouette, cut or form.  The cinematic appeal displays a certain feel, emotion or moment in a refreshing presentation of real fashion.  Truly something visually new for the industry pillar, traditional local retail is currently stepping out of the convention into a more future forward direction. SM Mens Fashion is braving the look and feel of trendsetting fashion and moving into global mainstream.  

Photography by Frank Hoefsmit, styling by Luis Espiritu Jr. Makeup by Bobby Carlos for Max Factor, Hair styling by Jaime Sy, Associate stylists: Reg Rodriguez, Donna Gonzales Lim, Mikka Velasquez and Rudolph Leonor.  Models:  Hideo Muraoka, Benjamin Tang and Drew Rivera.  All clothes by SM Men's Fashion

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