Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BTS Cinderella Holiday 2011 Campaign

History will always be a glimpse of the past and the stories that come with it.  The Paco cemetery is almost a century old and has become a historical landmark.  It is here where the remains of National Hero Jose Rizal lies(or as they say) and the place has become a tourist spot and setting for field trips.  No cadavers and hauntings in the area don't worry since the dead have been transferred already to the North Cemetery.  The beautiful landmark is now a park sprawling with greens and at the heart of it all is the famous church where a lot of weddings are held as well.  
For us, it was the backdrop of Cinderella's Holiday 2011 Ad campaign with actress Rhian Ramos.  The theme revolved around luxury and history to give it a fusion of new-old feel.  Loving the setting that seemingly transports one somewhere in time when fashion was on an all time high.  The look is modern grunge--glamorized into modern street wear which somehow reminds one of a popular global series.  Here are the BTS of the shoot, despite the humidity and bi-polar weather, a day spent in Paco Park was definitely worth it.

Note from the past.
Vanishing point.
The tree must be more than a hundred years old.
The former catacombs.
No fountain of youth.
No tomb raiders here.
Poison ivy.
Just the right curve.
The sign.
General cleaning.
Structure and form.
First layout.
The merchandise.
Photographer Sara Black.
Light on.
It started to rain.
Associate stylists Mikka Velasquez and Donna Gonzales Lim.
Marielle Santos Po with her Cinderella team.
Shades of green with makeup artist Precious Medina.
The author with photographer Sara Black.
Cat's Eye.  Actress Rhian Ramos with road manager.
Pillar of stone.
Cemetery for babies?
Associate stylist Rudolph Leonor with model Alex Pain for Pierre Cardin.
Stone rest.

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