Thursday, November 17, 2011

The ties that Bind

The epitome of the perfect Bench family anchors the series of photos for the Holiday 2011 ad campaign of the retail giant.  The Gomez family namely Richard, Lucy and Julianna symbolizes how the famous brand has grown into one of pillars in the local retail world and how they have become a huge family.  Richard, who was the first face of Bench, has been with the "family" for almost two decades and has contributed to the brand's trademark which is now part of history.  Lucy, whose entry to the limelight began when she did a shampoo commercial with Richard, came into the family and became the image model for Her Bench.  Through the years as a couple, Bench came up with a kids line wherein Julianna (their only child) endorsed as well.  Family, trust, loyalty and longevity, the brand goes beyond all the clothing--it's all about the ties that bind.
Le Famille.

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