Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Venus Rising

Beauty Queen's are the country's pride in a world where all eyes celebrate the human anatomy and everything that goes beyond skin deep.  Yes, Ms. Universe has always been an aspirational platform and an event when the eyes of the whole world appreciates the union of this parade of nations.  In life, beauty does create a standstill, and a testament to this is history itself.  This author finally got the chance to meet and work Ms. Universe 2010 4th runner up Venus Raj.  The free spirited beauty and brains is a joy to work with and it's no wonder she has gotten this far.  Despite the success, she has remained a genuine humble person and exemplifies the true essence of beauty inside and out.  Here are the BTS of a beauty campaign the team shot with her and can't wait for this to come out soon.  

Ms. Universe form fitting.
Perfect pose.
Venus Raj(Center) with the Style Team.
Makeup artist Albert Kurniawan.

(from left) The author with Venus Raj and photographer Sara Black.
Little Twin Stars. Associate stylist Rudolph Leonor and Donna Gonzales Lim.
Associate stylist Mikka Velasquez strikes a pose.

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