Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project Runway Philippines Season 4 auditions

The last leg of auditions for Project Runway Philippines Season 4 was truly a showcase of local design.  The two day Manila event was held at H2O hotel where's my hopefuls took a shot at potential stardom.  Young designers queued for hours as they await their turn in front of the panel.  The good and bad braved their interviews as they presented their creations. Both fantasy and reality battled for the spotlight from the minimal to theatrically outlandish. Creativity is alive as each piece had a story to tell. Designers who didn't make it at the previous auditions in the provinces such as Baguio, Davao and Cebu flew in to the capital to attend the final screening. The task wasn't that easy knpwing that each applicant had the hope of becoming a finalist.  At the end, the conclusion isn't really on who makes it or not but the reality that the Philippines is a treasure trove of diamonds in the rough.  An optimistic insight on the great potential of fashion design in the local and hopefully international scene.  The following are a glimpse of the pieces at the auditions.

Day 1: The author(third from left) with Georgette Tengco, Jojie Lloren and Katrina Holigores.

All smiles.  The author with Georgette Tengco, Jojie Lloren, Katrina Holigores and a designer applicant.

The whole experience of being a guest mentor was an eye opener.  A realization that there is a thriving fashion community where seeds of creative artistry need assistance for talents to be cultivated and developed to their potential.  Evidently, their is a silent cry for government support, demand for education and work experience.  Project Runway Philippines is one of the local platforms to expose an industry that has been taken for granted and hopefully awaken the powerful eyes that have long been asleep.

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