Sunday, November 16, 2014


Creativity and passion thrives in a world where this author lives his day to day life- fashion.  Having modestly worked in an industry for more than two decades is more than a blessing.  The exposure and experience in a fast-paced landscape where everything seemingly changes by the minute is a plethora of unlimited possiblities.  After collaborating with TRU bags, this time around the author's new venture is with the currently popular online success brand Seek the Uniq.  A platform for retail fashion, beauty and home, the brand presents the best and ultimate bohemian lifestyle. Catering to a huge market for women, the collaboration unfolds "Androgyne" - a clothing line for men and women.  The 11 -piece collection is a showcase of luxe loungewear channeling Japanese silhouettes fused with Italian-inspired fabrication.  The idea is to present both function and form as everything can be mixed and matched.  Inspired from global trends, these distinct and forward pieces echo the nowness of both style and comfort.  Here are some of the behind the scenes images of beautiful things to come.

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