Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A toast to Oro

Filipino designer Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez recently celebrated her 7th years in the industry by unveiling her latest collection entitled "Gold Rush" by Oro. Due to the increasing clientele and demand for made to order pieces, Oro is the designer's premium label of bespoke creations that display high quality materials and are mostly sewn by hand. These beautiful and modern interpretations showcase a design perspective reflective of European sensibilities and a distinct taste channeling the now lifestyle.  The designer isn't all about making a statement as her pieces echo the essence of making and undestanding the beauty of clothes. Oro's empowering collection is of current style relevance as it celebrates the nowness of femininity. Form and function goes beyond the surface in a presentation of chicness of individuality. The ultimate key is quality and a fusion of style between designer and client to create a  masterpiece that's distinctly special.  All in a matter of discerning taste and aesthetics, Oro is a contemporary reflection of what women want and wear in these modern times.

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