Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The essence of Time

Time is luxury.  In this fast paced world, every minute counts and practicality is wise.  Fashioning timepieces goes beyond surface attractions and the latest to arrive in Philippine shores is notable Swiss brand, ROD.  Now available in Rustan's Department Store, these chic watches were founded in 2012 by current CEO and designer Marc Corven who created these contemporary elements of style.  With high quality design and materials, the brand boasts of fashion statement made affordable.  These timepieces are exceptionally crafted with great attention to detail.  ROD is a prestigious offers the elegance of  time suitable for the now lifestyle.

 ROD Ambassadors Armand and Georgia Del Rosario

ROD Timepieces

 Marc Corven, CEO of ROD

 SSI Group, Inc.’s Michael T. Huang, Rustan’s Marketing & Communications Head Dina Tantoco, CEO of ROD MarcCorven, and ROD Ambassadors Armand and Georgia Del Rosario

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