Tuesday, January 28, 2014


2013 was a milestone.  This author released his second bag collection under TRU entitled "Surface".  A creative display of textures in traditional shapes and sizes, this exposition of artistry defines the tribute to classicism.  "Real fashion, real people, real leather" was the symbolic theme wherein industry personalities who are dear friends were invited to take part in this humble campaign that promotes the style ideal that classic are forever.  The old is made new with the use of contemporary stamped leather and distinct three metal dots detailing. The bag is a timeless style piece that surpasses fashion trending season after season and has past the test of time. Symbolically,  in parallel are the precious friendships this author has made with the co-stars of this campaign.  TRU in essence is a brand that only uses real and quality leather to promote the bag with aesthetic value and the idealism of quality.  
On a personal note,  this author would like to thank all those who made this collection possible. My deepest and forever gratitude to the kindred and warm hearts who took time and effort to make this dream a reality. To Cristina And Lisa the brains behind TRU who all these years believed and trusted in my talent. I love you all.

For inquiries: check out TRU on Facebook or msg/call 09273461427

Special thanks to Angel Jacob, Ronnie Salvacion, Melanie Cuevas, Malou Romero, Joey Samson, Sara Black, Corine Alegre, Bianca Salonga, Vicky Tensuan, Katrina Holigores, Trish Chua Juico, Hideo Muraoka, Ann Umali, Jasmine Maierhofer, Ria Bolivar, Frank Hoefsmit, John Valle, Mickey See, Isabel Gatuslao, Brent Javier, Patrice Ramos Diaz, Ivar Aseron, Lou Munoz, Pablo Cabahug, Samantha Lewis, Pia Reyes, Mau de Leon and Kelly Misa.  
With my love and thanks to my endearing style team Mary Grace Caison, Mikka Velasquez, Bang Martinez, Diane Lasam, Tara Subaldo, Jona Buenaventura, Ann Andres and Kim Barik  .

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