Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life's a Bleach!

Fashion retail in Manila is a interesting landscape of countless foreign and local brands.  In recent years, its expansion and proliferation in the market has welcomed an influx of the trendiest names in the global scene. Despite their presence, surfacing locally are distinct brands that are a league of their own and standout among the countless--one of the current newsworthy is Bleach store.  Located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5, the conceptual store presents a contemporary lifestyle far from the ordinary.  The ingenius and modern composition of ready to wear, home and accessories creates a tapestry of art.  Local fabrication and materials are painted with amazing prints and graphics perfect for any setting. Painted in mostly modern neutrals these eye catching pieces are defining elements creating a collective of style. Definitely a cut above the rest, the global appeal of Bleach Store pushes the envelope forward presenting the now lifestyle that exists in key fashion cities all over the world.  What is evident though is the unique and exemplary brand identity that doesn't closely mimic any international label.  Proudly made in the Philippines, it is no doubt that Bleach store is bound to hit global. 

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