Friday, January 10, 2014

Chateau Chambord

Back in the Middle Ages, game was part of a lifestyle common to royalty.  This vast forest was filled with wildlife and has captivated the heart of the King Francois I.  This beautiful setting located at Chambord, Loir-et-Cher in France was known as the plush hunting grounds where the royals would spend atleast a month to play with those of their kind.  The habitu√© for the selected few is an amazing area of astounding beauty reflective of a world that was once filled with regal splendor.  This famous chateau is almost fairy tale like as it was one of the inspirations of the legendary Walt Disney in creating a hallmark in the world of fantasy and animation.  The most famous view lies on the northwest side at it showcases the magnificent and elaborate symmetrical roofscape facade.  While other castles were built for defense, the royal Chateau de Chambord was aesthetically made for decorative attraction. Inside this monument of history are walls filled with art depicting a fascinating narrative on game and hunting. Passing through labyrinths of rooms and halls brings you back in time with an eerie feeling that's almost haunting. While the past is seemingly revisited, the grandeur of space echoing the entire luxe setting tickles ones imagination into endless wonder.  At the heart of this historical structure is a captivating winding staircase(rumored to be designed by Leonardo de Vinci) where one can find a tunnel that showcases a mesmerizing shadow play and beautiful rays of sunlight. Back in the old days, this attraction was the means to gauge the time of day.  The spectacular view from the top is breathtaking as one is given a panorama of lushness as far as the eyes can see.  One can indulge in comfort and leisure at the grounds having wine and cheese with the chateau as an enchanting backdrop for a surreal shot that's almost picture perfect. The outstanding display of French Renaissance architecture will leave on in awe and no wonder this destination is one of the most recognizable of its kind in the world.  A past present feeling where worlds meet for a moment, creating an unforgettable memory of history and beauty.

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