Sunday, April 21, 2013

Infinity and Beyond

Puerto Galera, renowned for its amazing diving spots will soon open a luxurious resort that will be the next must-go vacation destination in the Philippines-Infinity. Located at the remote Talipanan beach, the exclusive two-hectare sprawling luxe property is surrounded by the beauty of nature both mountains and the sea. Designed to perfection, the resort displays amazing interiors showcasing a variety of beautifully patterned wood works, contrasting textures and modern furnishings. The plush setting boasts of five star accommodations, facilities and amenities making ones stay definitely extra special. The perfect downtime haven where one can enjoy total luxury whether simply relaxing or choosing from Infinity's list of must-do activities. Nothing can be quite close to perfection when privacy and exclusivity is at its prime priority. Definitely a must-go destination in Puerto Galera. Cheers and enjoy the new luxury that beckon at Mindoro's picturesque horizon.

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