Friday, December 5, 2014

BTS Fashion 2015

Working for a fashion magazine means forecasting trends way before the market gets it.  Shooting a fashion editorial takes two months in advance before publishing.  With this comes sourcing of pieces such as clothes and accessories that fall under a specific look or theme.  Setting takes place too as these editorials depict things larger than life.  This author recently shot at Flower Island in Taytay, Palawan with two editorials and a jewelry feature at task.  Despite weather conditions, rain or shine the show must go on.  Early call times and countless layouts seem like a huge pile of work, but with great company and energy everything just falls into place.  The team breezed through it with all smiles and this is when everything makes it worthwhile.  Work is never a task as long as everyone is driven by pure passion an most importantly the good company that they keep. Here are some moments that captured the essence beyond fashion.

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