Monday, December 22, 2014

Lagen: One with Nature

Coming back to El Nido brings back a lot of good memories.  Postcard perfect settings welcomes you to the islands of your dreams. The different shades of aquamarine to blue waters touch the heavenly skies in the endless horizon.  Nothing can be breathtaking than the poetry of nature unfold in front of your eyes.  No this isn't a dream sequence but an amazing reality of wonders.

The allure team headed by Joanne Rae Ramirez was hosted by the El Nido Resorts group to one of their luxurious resorts- Lagen.  Accompanied by Associate editor Bum Tenorio and the author, the triumvirate was set to have a grand time in what was considered a much awaited vacay.  From El Nido town, we took a 40 minute boat ride going to the resort and was privileged to see the amazing view of the islands. Upon landing in the property, one is completely overwhelmed by the colossal limestone formations which are estimated to be more than 250,000 years old.  A witness to the passage of time, this grandeur display of nature is simply captivating and an embodiment of beauty. With a view of Bacuit Bay, this modern island resort has well-designed accommodations with tropical inspired interiors showcasing Philippine made products at is finest. Echoing the look of understated luxe, Lagen boasts 50 rooms and cottages and is at the heart of a four hectare forest where the sound of a diversity of birds create music to ones ears. One can never be bored with luxurious facilities and services in a captivating plush landscape essentially one with nature.

The essence of El Nido is realized through the countless visit to its stellar attractions and visit to the islands.  We were lucky enough to visit three out of the four El Nido Resorts in Palawan namely Miniloc, Lagen and Pangalusian. Each had its own distinct charm and one will be mesmerized by the variety of luxe settings. Cuisine is good as it offers fresh bounty from the sea, seasonal fruits, vegetables and meat which all comes from local farms.major sites to be visited are the big and small lagoon, Entalula island and Dubuluan beach which ha a clubhouse and spectacular sand bar. 

The El Nido resort group is hotel luxury with a purpose as it is an advocate of environmental conservation, ecosystem development, and strong supporter of in sustaining communities(note that they are very particular in with the non usage of plastic).  Working with nature, the property has maintained its astounding beauty. From seascape to forest to beachfront, the island's successful and continuous preservation efforts is a remarkable example others should follow. Service in the resort was impeccable with five star service.  Lagen has a menu of facilities and activities that will truly make ones stay worthwhile. Overall it was a memorable experience thanks to Brian Ong and Joey Bernardino. Great time, place and company, this trip is definitely for the books.  An amazing experience where you become one with everything.

The arrival.

Accommodations are definitely close to nature.
The guardian at the gates.

Natural dwellers welcome the guests.

Pool review. 

The rocks of Lagen are known to be more than 250,000 years old.
Before sunset at Lagen.

Silhouette of the big lagoon.

The author by (from left) Allure's Bum Tenorio, El Nidp Resorts head of sales and marketing Joey Bernardino , Allure EIC Joanne Rae Ramirez and Brian Ong of El Nido resorts.
When day becomes night and night becomes day in Lagen.

All smiles at the end of the trip.

The road home.

We will be back El Nido, promise!

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