Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Asian Dragon Weddings 2014

Asian Dragon Weddings is one of the top bridal magazines in the Philippines.  With its editor Liza Ilarde at the helm, it has successfully created a style imprint of its own in the publishing industry.  Through the years, the annual magazine presents a plethora of style-setting ideas for the modern bride.  Forefronting trends and forecasts, the bridal bible unfolds an astounding display of dramatic, panoramic and breathtaking destinations that are a must on everyone's list.  It is a showcase of the the best designers, makeup artist, stylists and photographers that come together to produce excellent visual narratives of masterpieces.  More than just an eye candy, Asian Dragon Weddings is a premier collective and guide for the modern bride and is available in leading bookstores nationwide.  Below is bridal editorial from the latest issue featuring Manila's top designers and globally renowned jewelry brand Jewelmer and shot in the breathtaking Flower island located in Taytay, Palawan.

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