Monday, June 10, 2013

Style Origins ATC 2013

The Style Origins 2013 series by Ayala Malls once again successfully presented its Summer showcase at Alabang Town Center. The overwhelming retail exposition participated by 44 brands, a live orchestra and with more than a hundred models was a feat to beat by the succeeding series.  Style Origins is the gateway of both local and international trends into the style setting Manila landscape. Directed by JCA Productions led by fashion director Jackie Aquino, my associates and I always have a fun and memorable experience with this magnitude of an event.  Styling for the event isn't all there easy as we collaborate with both mall administration and merchants, but in essence its am enriching experience to be able to realize our vision for the project, brand and most importantly our love for fashion. From rehearsals to makeup to show proper to the end, the entire creative and work process is definitely gives a priceless fulfillment of our roles as stylists.  It is an overall summation of the substance of our work that covers a process from the merchandise, brand, concept, theme,  look and statements of style in the ever expanding world of what we may call Philippine fashion.  See you on our final Style Origins series to be held in Subic on June 22. Cheers

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