Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A different kind of circus

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is considered as one of the top tourist and shopping
destinations in Southeast Asia.  The Pavillion, considered as the latest center of fashion and style houses more than a hundred global brands.is Showcasing the latest in global fashion from the most wanted international labels to the locals most sought after names, the stylish habitu√© isn't just a shopping destination  but also the cradle of the city's night life. 

At the heart of The Pavillion is a lounge cafe/bar called Circus.  The well designed cool hangout boasts of a honey comb-like bar with interesting details.  Well lit walls and corners are filled with graffiti showcasing a variety of quotes to live by.  Beautiful and distinct fixtures create an artistic sanctuary to delight the senses. Fashioned with modern touches, one can't help but notice the natural chicness throughout its welcoming spaciousness.  Perfect for the ultimate lounge lizards and understated partyphiles, this style setting is quite unpretentious and unintimidating-flashes not needed. The menu boasts of an extensive list of mouth watering cocktails, finger food and sinful desserts.The welcoming staff and crew creates a seemingly relaxed feel that's would keep you coming back to what can be called home . Definitely a nod to even the most diacriminating of taste, this chic contemporary haven of nowness is much more than your ordinary circus.

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